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"[Cohen's] skillful recreation of shifting voices and tonalities which tease out layered complexities make this work a triumph of translation."

National Translation Award

Judges' statement

"...beautifully translated as it is by Jessica Cohen - whose rendition of Vera's idiosyncratic Hebrew into fractured English is especially impressive...”

Evelyn Toynton


"...we should be grateful that New Vessel Press has just brought out Jessica Cohen’s stunning translation of Matalon’s final work, an outrageously funny, perplexing and perhaps universal story.”

Shulamit Reinharz

Moment Magazine

"These ideas are rendered with remarkable lucidity by Jessica Cohen."

Jonathan Egid


“Jessica Cohen’s English translation of A Horse Walks Into a Bar is generally splendid, and remarkably faithful...

David Mikics


"A Horse Walks into a Bar – again translated by Jessica Cohen, who has long proved herself capable of keeping up with Grossman’s twists and turns of style...”

Ian Sansom

The Guardian

"This kind of homely, precise metaphor enlivens Grossman’s verse, which as translated by Jessica Cohen is generally bare, like prose starved until it occupies only a word or two per line. ...the entire book seems a difficult balancing act between flatness on the one hand and melodrama on the other. Cohen handles this well in her excellent translation.”

Adam Kirsch

New York Review of Books

“Kudos to translator Jessica Cohen, who is as adept at translating poetry as she was at translating such prose works as Grossman’s To the End of the Land and Yael Hedaya’s Eden.”

David Cooper

New York Journal of Books

“...translated superbly by Jessica Cohen...”

Roberta Silman

"The World" (PRI)

“...rendered in Jessica Cohen's exquisite translation...”

Ranen Omer-Sherman

Miami Herald

"...few translators have ever conveyed the powerful lyricism of a contemporary Hebrew novel with such unflagging acumen and aesthetic insight as does translator Jessica Cohen in her magisterial rendering.”

Ranen Omer-Sherman

The Forward

"Award-winning translator Jessica Cohen does a stellar job, tackling the novel’s multifarious voices and nuances so artfully it is surprisingly easy to forget that the novel was not written in English."

Ranen Omer-Sherman

Jewish Book Council

"Once again, Jessica Cohen, who shared the 2017 Man Booker International Prize with Grossman, rewards us with a superb translation."

Ranen Omer-Sherman

Jewish Book Council

“Cohen captures Matalon’s breakneck pacing in this translation, and the reader is gripped from the very first moment.”

Aviya Kushner

The Forward

“The rush of Grossman’s prose — its frenetic energy and fluttering wordplay beautifully rendered in Jessica Cohen’s translation …”

Benjamin Balint


“...beautifully translated by Jessica Cohen...”

Gavriel Rosenfeld

The Forward

"...Jessica Cohen’s sparkling translation, which delivers all the wit, lyrical power, and tender warmth of the Hebrew original...”

Ranen Omer-Sherman

Jewish Book Council

“The translator, Jessica Cohen, tasked with the almost impossible, does a remarkable job rendering this highly unusual work into English, with great sensitivity and without losing the essence of the piece.”

Liam Hoare


“The short, percussive lyric lines may equally remind you of Sophocles, Rilke or Beckett... Jessica Cohen translates their restless rhythms with awesome dexterity. ”

Boyd Tonkin

The Independent

“Eden’s translator, Jessica Cohen, does a stunning job.”

Bonnie Brody

The New Republic

“Since Grossman’s language is so supple and so resonant, let me say at once that Jessica Cohen has done a remarkable job in rendering it in English. She beautifully captures the evocativeness with which the Hebrew is used to describe landscapes, feelings, and bodily sensations; the vivid colloquial register that she creates for the extensive dialogues is exactly right; and she demonstrates great resourcefulness in inventing English equivalents for the witty wordplay in the Hebrew.”

Robert Alter

The New Republic

“...Jessica Cohen's masterfully precise translation of [Grossman's] filigree prose...”

Elena Lappin

The Independent

“...brilliantly translated from Hebrew by Jessica Cohen...”


The Economist

"Immaculately translated by Jessica Cohen, this is another extraordinary novel from Grossman, a book as beautiful and sad as anything you’ll read this year."

Alex Preston

The Observer

“Jessica Cohen's translation gives Matalon's winding sentences the easy, metrical rhythms of speech, and Matalon's layering of language, emotion, scene, and cultural references comes through.”

Letitia Montgomery-Rodgers

Foreword Reviews

“...the New York scenes showcase the brilliant aspects of [Rabinyan's] prose style (superbly captured in English by Jessica Cohen)...”

Liam Hoare


“Jessica Cohen’s English rendering is so natural, clear, and precise that you might forget you’re reading a translation at all. ”

Bob Goldfarb

Jewish Book Council

"Jessica Cohen, who achieved something truly remarkable in finding the right voice in English for Grossman’s Falling Out of Time — a truly beautiful yet in many ways unclassifiable piece of narrative prose that rippled and shuddered with grief — continues her fine work with this novel.”

Liam Hoare


“...The startling language of Falling Out of Time (translated by Jessica Cohen, who captures the chilling poetry of the Hebrew original in her deeply-attuned rendering)...”

Ranen Omer-Sherman

The Forward

"Jessica Cohen’s excellent translation loses none of the intimacy of tone and texture that have engaged readers of the Hebrew original. Cohen captures beautifully the flow of colloquial speech, the associative shifts within the minds of the characters, and also the details of the blooming landscape...”

Anne Golomb-Hoffman


"...further enhanced by Jessica Cohen’s brilliantly colloquial translation...”

Donna Rifkind

Washington Post

“Grossman is a beautiful stylist, and Jessica Cohen’s exquisite translation conveys both the elegance of his descriptions as well as the ironic, tongue-in-cheek tone of Hebrew banter.”

Ezra Glinter

National Post

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